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Why Dog-Topia?


« Just want to give a shout out to the staff! I've been taking Tbone aka Little Sirloin, to Dog-Topia since he was just a pup. I had tried a couple of other places and am so happy that I made the change to your happy daycare. I feel very comfortable dropping him of for the day, he's always excited to go and happily exhausted when I pick him. Leaving your pet in the care of others is a bit stressful at first, however from day 1 we were both at ease. Your staff treat all the dogs as if they are part of a big Dog-Topia family! I love starting my day dropping him off to play, and love to see him run down the hall when I pick him up. His lunch is never forgotten, you always remind me in advance when vaccinations are due, he even tolerates Megan's amazing "spa day". I love that your hours are perfect for my crazy lifestyle. I hate leaving him alone, you provide a perfect environment for him to play and its really helped with his socialization skills. Thanks for providing a safe haven for both Tbone and myself. »

Andrea & Tbone

« I've loved going to Dog-Topia for over 10 years. I'm nearly 13, very old for a boxer. When I was younger, I played all day, nearly every work day and Dog-Topia made sure I got more than enough exercise to stay healthy and trim and learn how to be around other dogs successfully. Now when I go to Dog-Topia they make sure I can find a quiet place in the sunshine to take a nice, long nap. While the dogs are nice, the best part of Dog-Topia is the tremendous people who are there to take care of me. Sometimes it's breakfast that I've missed, or I need a bath or toe nail clipping, some petting or a boarding stay, or a checkup from Dr Sherri, the visiting vet -- all things that keep me going so my owner doesn't worry about me. Dog-Topia has kept me safe, active and healthy for so long I can't remember. My owner loves Dog-Topia because he can see that it has helped me thrive over many, many, years -- it's a great dog life! »

Chuck & Maggie

« We looked long and hard to find the right place for Lando to spend his days while we're at work. From the moment we stepped into Dog-Topia I knew this was it. Everyone there is so friendly, to people and dogs alike. They greet every dog by name and know us by sight. Lando has the best time there! He practically leaps out of the car when we get there and sleeps long and hard after a happy day of playing and exercise at Dog-Topia. The schedule works perfectly for us and I love how open and clean their facility is. The best part of taking Lando to Dog-Topia is I know he is given just as much love and care there as he gets from us at home. Thank you Dog-Topia! »

Kurt, Linda & Lando

« I can’t say enough about Luca’s experience at Dog-Topia. Luca has been going to Dog-Topia for over a year. He is so excited to see the handlers and of course the dogs. I love the feedback I get about all his girlfriends he plays with. He is so excited to be there and is so tired when when I pick him up. It makes me happy knowing he is well looked after and has a full day of play. I would recommend Dog-Topia for anyone who has a dog they love! »

Sandy & Luca

« I feel so lucky to have discovered Dog-Topia, very early after I rescued my miniature schnauzer, Kipp. He means the world to me and, after having sampled various doggie day care sites around Denver, I have settled on exclusively using Dog-Topia for Kipp. Kipp goes to doggie daycare about twice a week, on the average, and observing how the staff react when he gets in the door and runs down the hallway with them calling out to him by name, leaves me with a peace of mind that I can go about my day, knowing he is in as good hands as my own. The staff are always professional, courteous, and friendly each and every time I drop Kipp off. I really can't say enough good things about them. I believe they are genuinely focused on every dog, and his or her level of comfort with bein g there, making sure they are provided with the care and attention they need. I truly have enjoyed the stories and the pictures shared by the staff, about Kipp's many "antics" at Dog-Topia through the years, as well. Kipp is in his "forever home" with me, and Dog-Topia is his "home away" from home. Thank you guys! »

Dan & Kipp

« Dog-Topia is AMAZING! I had some plans breakdown and had to take my dog their on short notice, the staff was helpful and friendly and took care of my dog extremely well and Brooks has been going there ever since!! We are always greeted right away, everyone knows my name and my dogs name. And my dog absolutely LOVES going here, sometimes I think he's let down to come home with me! Check out Dog-Topia, best in Denver for sure! »

Andrew & Brooks

« Sam, my Australian Shepherd, has been a regular at Dog-Topia since he was a puppy. He is now 6 years old and Dog-Topia is our saving grace. It is his home away from home and he loves spending days there. The wonderful staff greet him by name like a longtime friend when they see (or more likely just hear) him come thru the door. He is a happy and healthy dog because of Dog-Topia. Sam has also boarded at Dog-Topia many times and is very comfortable being there. That says a lot for a dog that has refused to sleep at night or eat when staying with others. I love Dog-Topia and am so grateful that Sam has a wonderful place to play. »

Angela & Sam

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For many years, we've partnered with DMK Rehoming. They rescue dogs from shelters that are slated for euthanasia not only in Denver but regionally as well. Dogs that have been given up on are given a chance by DMK. We love having one of their dogs and do our best to find that dog a home with a new audience, it also allow DMK to save another dog and have adopted over 30 dogs due to our incredible employees and customers.


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